*Tournament cloth for carom and bumper billiard
*90% wool / 10% nylon / + - 316 gr/m² 
*PRICE PER CM !!/ width: 170 cm
*Colour: bluegreen

We are pleased to inform you about the new GORINA quality "GRANITO M RECREATIONAL PLUS" which is the same quality Granito M with a new finishing that reduces the friction between ball and cloth getting a FASTER cloth and softer to the touch.

On the other hand, this kind of finishing improves also the BEAUTY of the cloth by reducing the intensity of white dots and allows the cloth remaining new to longer terms prolonging the DURABILITY.

The improvement of these three features, FASTER, BEAUTY and DURABILITY, makes still the "Granito M", one more exeptional cloth.

Cloth Gorina Granito Recreational Plus