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*Professional carom ball set *Heavy-Duty Solid Core Design *Super Aramith phenolic resin *Ultimate in precision balance *Optimal rebound effect *Exceptional longevity

*Burn Spot resistant

*Lengthens cloth life

*Diameter: 61,5mm

The Super Aramith Pro-Cup set is made from advanced phenolic resin, with a centre of gravity that guarantees a perfectly true and accurate roll. Their elasticity is specially calibrated by Aramith for optimal rebound, enabling complete control over every shot.  Aramith balls are a money saving investment; they have an extra hard transparent smooth surface that minimizes burn spots and table wear, dramatically lengthening your cloth life!  To better visualize the rotation of the balls during play, both the white and yellow ball are embedded with the exclusive Aramith 6 red dot design.

Balls - Super Aramith Pro-Cup

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